Store wines properly – wine storage for lovers of good taste


If you buy quality wine from your favorite wine grower or the wine shop you trust, you can expect it to be stored according to your needs.


Proper storage as a prerequisite for taste


To be able to enjoy the full taste of the wine at home, he also needs the right place to tire here. However, the ever-popular wine rack in the kitchen or in the living room is not the best solution, because: “This is unfortunately the most unsuitable place for storing wines that you can imagine,” warns Katharina Strenski (owner of WeinWerk Klimascout).


As the temperature in the kitchen tends to rise to over 20 degrees and the wine is exposed to constant light, such storage of the wines unfortunately negatively affects their quality.


Good red wines, which would reach the optimal maturity after five years under good conditions, will lose all their rich nuances after a short time.


The ideal storage area is dark, protected from direct light and about 12 to 14 degrees cool.



Most Germans always have a good wine “in stock”, according to a representative study commissioned by the international trade fair for wines and spirits ProWein. More than three-quarters (78 percent) of wine-drinking consumers store selected drops at their homes. Only 22 percent of respondents buy wine for immediate consumption only.


This is how wine storage goes in Germany


On average, one year of wine is stored in German households. The number of stored wines depends on the age of the wine lovers. For example, the majority of 18 to 29-year-olds (82 percent) own a maximum of ten bottles, while 65 percent of the “50+” age group have “more than ten” wines in stock. 12 percent are even in possession of more than 50 bottles. The duration of storage varies from household to household: While only 26 percent of the young age group store their wines for more than a year, the over-50s are already 40 percent.


However, the majority of respondents (55 percent) save their favorite drops between one month and one year. For storing the wines, the Germans prefer to use a wine rack. Whether steel, wood, or natural stone – the shelf is the most popular storage option for three quarters of the study participants (78 percent). Alternative places such as the wine cooler or the clay pipe are rarely used with three or four percent.


Wine storage: Are all wines storable?


First, it depends on how the winemaker has worked. The chemical processes that cause the aging and maturation of a wine are manifold: The molecular connections of tannins and some dyes in the wine, the conversion of the alcohols, oxidation processes and a number of other factors affect the shelf life of wines significantly. Basically, the more tannin the wine contains, the more storable it is. Other “life-prolonging” factors are the sulfur content, the optimal pH, as well as extract and alcohol content. Such stock-optimized wines need more time to mature, but then last longer in the bottle.


Which wines are suitable for storage?


For red wine, you should choose tannin-rich varieties such as Carbernet Sauvignon, Nebbiolo, SanGiovese or Syrah.


For white wines, the acidity guarantees a long shelf life. Therefore, especially quality wines with a higher acid content are suitable for longer storage. Late reading mature more slowly and are also good for a long cellar stay, as well as Beerenauslese.


Optimal wine storage with cork closure


In any case, a wine that you want to store for a long time should have a cork closure!


Such wines can hardly be found in the supermarket or at the discounter, where the price and the available quantity are in the foreground. In the warehouses of the wholesale markets there are changing temperatures with eight times, sometimes 30 degrees, which massively influences the aromas of a wine.


Wine storage at home: wine cellars


Unfortunately, simple wooden shelves are not enough to guarantee optimal storage. If you do not have the opportunity to store your wines in an extra wine cellar in an apartment, we recommend investing in a wine cellar. These are already available for little money and enhance every ambience. The wine refrigerators are available in different versions: Cabinets with two climate zones are ideal for storing red and white wines at the same time. Wine cellars with a temperature zone are suitable for the long-term storage of red wine or to regulate the perfect drinking temperature of red or white wine. With multi-temperature cabinets, the temperature can be staggered in the range of 5 ° to 20 ° C. This allows you to store several types of wine at the same time at the ideal serving temperature.


Wine storage in the wine cellar: high quality wine racks


Who is in possession of a wine cellar, which is first congratulated at this point! But even here there are some pitfalls, which must be considered, because the establishment of a wine cellar should be well thought out. In a perfect wine cellar there should be no big temperature fluctuations. A constant temperature of 12 ° C is ideal, a fluctuation of 2 ° C acceptable. The humidity should be 65%.


If a cellar does not meet these requirements, there is still the option of cellar air conditioning. Insulation plays a crucial role, as walls, windows and doors must be examined for permeability.


(Source: Nationwide representative survey of 765 men and women over the age of 18 who have drunk wine at least once in the last three months, conducted by the market research institute Dialego on behalf of the Trade Fair for Wines and Spirits ProWein)

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