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Some wine cabinets are perfect for installation and have just the right dimensions to fit perfectly into your living environment.


Depending on their size, they can just as easily disappear under the worktop, in the living room or in the wall. The installation in already existing kitchens is possible, through a large selection of personal design options, it adapts to any ambience. For example, the wine cellar cabinet can be clad with a furniture front or equipped with a glazed door. With e.g. in the kitchen the overall color scheme is preserved or embellished.


ATTENTION: What happens if these requirements are not met?
If your own lattice paneling is installed for aesthetic reasons too small, wrong or without air duct separation, the air circulation can no longer be guaranteed. The warm exhaust air builds up, the wine cellar is always running at full speed, which overheats the compressor. This leads to the defect of the cabinet.


Your safety: In any case, hand over the personal installation sketches to us. We will check them professionally. If your sketches meet these specifications, we will alert you with our OK, which guarantees the guarantee services for later damage, provided that the installation was carried out according to these installation sketches presented to us.


These instructions must be followed! Damage caused by faulty installation is excluded from the guarantee.


Mandatory specifications when installing your own ventilation veneer:


1. Your own ventilation facing requires mandatory linear ventilation slots with 80% free cross-section.


2. Parts of the base must not be closed. The 560mm x 70mm must be kept, so that the warm exhaust air (left and right) does not accumulate and causes damage.


3. Between the black ventilation grille on the cabinet and the own lattice facing, an air duct separation must be installed between the areas “supply air” and “exhaust air”, e.g. wooden. This guarantees that the warm exhaust air does not get into the supply air again.


4. The supply air grille on the cabinet (in the base center) must be checked monthly for contamination. Therefore, any additionally mounted lattice veneer must be mobile and easy to remove.


At least every 2 months, you must clean the dust filter in the base area.


Alternative: Vacuum the filter thoroughly through the ventilation slots monthly with a vacuum cleaner.


IMPORTANT: The regular cleaning of the ventilation grille in the base area guarantees that the supply air and the exhaust air can circulate undisturbed. If this maintenance is neglected for a long time, you risk that air circulation is no longer guaranteed and the compressor overheats and is damaged.

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